Friday, September 10, 2010

wait do we still have to post stuff even tho its not summer anymore??

Sunday, September 5, 2010

i was at the beach with out internet, so thats y i didnt post on friday. anyways.......... i went to the gym alot this week. i did the illiptickle thingy for 30 min every time. and ab work with the exercise ball.
I practiced with Nitrogen on Thursday, and we worked on overlaps, and using the outside of the field more. I also went to fitness on Wednesday.
hi can anyone read this?
its this weird font called webdings.
Ok. So I havent blogged yet but ive been exercising. I went to Nitrogen's practice on thursday and I went on a 3 mile jog and I rode my bike for 30 mins. Also i watched a soccerr game of Montana vs. Oregon but im not sure what the team's names are.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

ok, so i havent posted in a while (like a month, maybe) but anyway, i have been practicing with the JV and Varsity, and we have been doing loads of running, and on the pacer i got 113, well anyway ya, oh and if anybody didnt know that i made Varsity swing!! yaya. and i have a game at Aloha High school on the 7th of September and if any of u wanna come, then txt me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

for the people who didnt get my text yet.. My surgery went well and im fine.. the olny thing weird about it is the medication and my foot is orange... sooo yeahh if u have questions askk away.. im gonna be on the couch with my laptop allll day anyway.. or text me thats cool too.... but seriously im bored out of my mind soo plz talk to me :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

last week I went to sac and did 30 minutes on bike and weight training on a different part of my body everyday... like my arms legs and core.. and finished with 10-20 minutes on the backwards
eliptical and this week i did the same thing and watched some soccer game repeats and walked 2 miles with my mom
Yes I am able to get back on. Lately I have been doing 50 sit-up and 50 crunchy frogs a day. Also I have been walking and riding my scooter places. I would say I have been riding my scooter and walking around for about 30 minutes a day. The last thing I have been doing is juggling, I sometimes go outside into the street and juggle

Monday, August 30, 2010

I recently went on a cruise to alaska, and I went to the gym a few times and jogged. I also did some ab workouts. I also have been practicing juggling alot lately. Whevever my sister has soccer practice, I go and practice my long balls.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

ok so i just got back from the soccer field..and i was able to do alot of keeper drills, and even take goalkicks...but after a few goalkicks my quad started hurting again. But i think i will be able to practice next week, or atleast do whatever i can. Im good with alot of drills as long as there isnt a lot of long balls or stuff like that involved.

Friday, August 27, 2010

yesterday morning i ran 2.5 miles. and today i went smwimming for an hour :)
so are we supposed to keep posting?
also this week i hiked up and down multnomah falls and road my bike for about 45 mins
today i went on like 4 dif bike ridess the first 2 were maybe 15 mins or 20 mins each and the last 2 were probably 15 mins each

Thursday, August 26, 2010

so i was on vacation for a while with no internet access. so the last two week ive been riding my bike, going swimming and doing "ab work" (haha, sit ups) I've also been doing the crutches and situps and leg lifts that coach mj told the injured to do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ok i didnt post last week cuz i was on a cruz and internet costs $$$ but i went to the gym for 20 mins and 45 mins and i did treadmills and exercise machines

Monday, August 23, 2010

well i didnt blog last week cuz i couldnt go on the comp but i ran on a treadmill for 15 mins then did weight machined for 10 mins about then did ab workouts but idk how long and i walked a lot and today i walker/jogged up and down multnoma falls wich it 1 and a quarter mile each way

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This week i did 30 minutes on a stationary bike everday but monday and tuesday.. I also did core weight training 3 sets of 10 each about 2 times.. and then arm weight training and a little with my legs.. And I went on a 4.5mile walk with my mom and cousin and i just got back from sac and did 45 minutes of cardio and weight training..

Friday, August 20, 2010 i cant really do much without my quad hurting. but yesterday i did go tubing and swimming, and i didnt wakeboard but i really wanted to, i have to be nice to my quad :)and i went swimming for a few hours. oh ya i have also been doing these sit up things that jordan taught me..ya
on monday i went on a mile run.............ok I know i did something elso but i really cant remenber, i have sat here for like ten minutes trying to remember, but i can if i think of it i will post it.... i also had to chase my dog around my neiborhood, in my pajamas, but that does really count for anything except to wake me up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

on wednesday i went to my gaff training and did a lot of shooting and technical work. and i went on a mile run today.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today me and my dad went out and I worked on lond balls shooting crosses bending the ball chips driving the ball and finishing crosses for bout an hour!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay, i know i haven't blogged for a long time but this is what i have done
-Conditioning Camp
-Skill Camp
-JV and Varsity game against Sherwood.
-Went to the Zoo with my 4 year old cousins
-Went Swimming for like 12 hours in 2 weeks.
and much more.
This morning I did a abb workout! I can feel the burn:) and yesterday I juggled and did footwork! And I am going swimming today for probably 3 to 4 hours!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ok so this weekend i had odp tryouts with jordan, marlee, and katie. And our tryouts were a total of 8 hours, so ya, you can tell we did alot. the field players were scrimmaging constantly, and i was always to keeper workouts, and going in and out of scrimmages. I have also been doing squats, crunches and pushups.
Heyy! I havent talked to you guys in a while! on vacation I went swimming for bout 7 to 9 hours then I rode my back like 15 miles and I played golf also I ran also I juggled and I played tennis! and football a little bit! but yesterday I ran like 2 to 3 miles and this moring I watched Liverpool Vs aresnel tied 1 to1!

I am soo excited to practice and play with you guys again! see you on tuesday!:)

This week

This week I rode my bike and did 4 miles, I also swam for about 5 hours, I went to Gaff on Wednesday and after the training a few girls on Mercury came and we shot the ball, and lastly I did partner Juggleing with renee when we had that meeting on thursday. I will be in Kanneta in the next week with no internet connection, so I will be riding my bike everyday and swimming alot and going to the ladge to work on speed.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

today i went swimming for like 5 hours...haha. and also the other day my family and I went to this field and practiced finishing for about 3 hours.. it really helped me.

this message has been brought to u by Hope Da Bomb Dig inc.

ok so ive been working out everyday and been iceing a lot and stretching. i watched two soccer games and a top 50 best world cup goals show. ive also been doing abbs at home on spare time. i aslo juggled twice this week , and went to a filed and took shots and corner kicks for 2 hours. but im out for a week or so now so i wont be posting anything for a while besides like stuff about watching u guys practice and scrimage. lol. well tata for now homies
This week on monday i went swimming and swam 10 laps, then on tuesday i walked around the zoo with bree for about 3 hours and we had to carry her little cousins which was pretty tiring. Then later that night we went swimming and i had a treading water contest with Kyle and we did that for like 10 minutes. On wednesday i went swimming and walked around the track and then after walking i kicked the ball around and juggled for 10 minutes. Thursday i played tennis with my dad for about 1 hour. And i also went on another walk for about 3 hours with nikki and olivia on the weekend.

Friday, August 13, 2010

ok well i rode my bike for maybe like 2 hours or something like that and i did a little bit of group juggling maybe like 5 or 10 mins then i went to that practice thing on thursday also i kicked the ball around with jamie and olivia for maybe a hour or an hour and a half also i went running for maybe like 2 miles im not exactly sure and i did the kendra 5 minute kickboxing workout video
i have been doing alot of soccer lately. my sister started doing rec soccer so at all of her practices i juggle, or practice my long balls. i also walked with nikki and kayla for about 3 hours. on wednesday, i had gaff, and afterwards i stayed and practiced shooting and crosses with some of the team.
okay well im in mexico and i have been exercising everyday working on my core, arms and a little cardio... so everyday i do 30 minutes on a stationary bike on the highest level.. Then i do a cool down on a elliptical for 10 minutes... Then my mom and I do weight training.. I work on my arms and core.. We do 3 sets of 10 on each...I have been walking to the store and mall and carring stuff back.. which is about a 1/2mile round trip.....I also have been swiming for about an hour everyday
Wednesday I swam 5 laps (down and back is 1) then i did a suicide in the pool, then i did 25 more laps, then did another suicide. On Thursday I swam 20 laps, and also i juggled, working on using my feet only. That night, IDK if it counts because almost all of us were there but, we played around with the ball for like and hour.
ok so this morning i went to the rec center and practiced juggling, corners, shooting, and goalkicks. But when i did corners and shooting, i wasnt in goal, i took the shots, idk why, but i just did :) and we were there for about 2 hrs working on random stuff!!
YAY! I Finally got it so i could post again! sorry for not!
2 weeks ago
Monday I did twist and we worked on lots of heavy lifting.
I worked at juggling with my feet only.
A week ago
Monday I did twist and we foucused on repition. Do a lot.
And then I did a one on one training with gaf and small group with niki.
That weekend i played with Nitrogen and they made it to the finals! But lost 4-0 but they only had 12 players!
This week
On tuesday I had a one on one with gaf where we worked on balancing the ball on our nose and forhead!
and then i did group training and after stayed to do shooting. And came to the parent/player meeting and shot. and this weekend i will be trying out for ODP 96.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Tuesday I went rollerskating with some friends for 3.5 hours. I have gone on 2 runs that were 30 minutes each and I have gone to the school and kicked the ball around with olivia and michelle and renee.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 i went to the soccer field and i did a mini workout: i did long balls with my sis, and i practiced my left foot for a long time..and a few right foot, then i did my warm up for games, and i also tried to do extension dives...and uh lets just say i should learn the right way before just trying it from odp.. ;) i bruised my leg from that haha!oh ya and im trying out for odp this weekend, and so are a few other crazies!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

aahhh i have so much to blog about cuz i havent had time to go on the comp!!!! ok so in the past 3 days i have rode my bike for maybe 2 and a alf hours? maybe less and i did a lot of group juggling and went on a 20 min jog and i did corners and more juggling a little with olivia and jamie and i played football for like a half hour or more im really bad at knowing how long i do stuff


sry guys i dnt kno how to get to da website cus i forgot cus im stupid...go figure. any who!

this week so far ive been to da gym 2. ive donce abbs and abb machines, leg press, calf press, leg extentions, sqauts, arm press, arm extentions, leg ups, bike for 20 minutes, and a lot of stretching. and rite now im watching the brazil vs. us game live. yup! and pretty soon im gonna take some shots with two of my best friends. u may kno them from L.O....haha so im gonna go hang wit da emenies!! tootles :D

Monday, August 9, 2010

okay so I got back from california where i watched my sisters team in the mustang tournament&while i was there i was getting some toucehes on the ball...

tomorrow im going to a soccer field with my sister so we can practice shooting and crossing
Sorry this is so late!!!!! This week I swam laps and played basketball in the pool for two hours. they i went for a about a 2 mile jog today, my dog pulls really hard.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sorry this is so late but this is what i did, i walked around San Francisco and went to 7 winerys. Then when i got back from Cali i went swimming and did 10 laps. I talked to Kory Bell and he gave me some exercises to do and said that I can play for short periods of time only if its not hurting but i can juggle and swim.
ok so sorry about not posting for like 3 weeks, but i have juggled almost every day, i kayaked a few times, and i did 20 push ups, 100 crunches, and 20 squats. oh ya and i cut the bottom of my foot out on the beach sooo ya, but i can still play :) post fo 3 weeks :)

then for this week i group juggled for like 10 mins and went on a 2 mmile jog and a 2 mile walk
sorry this post is a little late but this week i played soccer for maybe 1 1/2 hours and rode my bike for maybe like 10 or 20 mins also i played football for like 3 hours and tennis for a few mins and group juggled for maybe 1 hour and i treadmilled for 10 minutes and did this really hard stair thing for 2 mins

Saturday, August 7, 2010

i havent really blogged this week but i still did stuff so i played football for maybe 3 hours maybe more and i had to sprint cuz i was playing tackle football with big people so i had to run away and i rode my bike for maybe 10 mins and i played a little tenis and group juggled for kinda a long time and i jogged 2 miles and sprinted some distance but i dont really know how long and i went on a 2 mile walk and yeahh
sorry i haven't been blogging...):
in california, i did the tony hortan ab workout. when i got home, i hung out with jordan and we went for a long walk. also, at one of the hotals i stayed at, i went to the exersise room and worked out for about 30-40 minutes. today, i am going to my sisters soccer practice and i am going to juggle, and work on my corners/long balls.

This Week

On Monday I walked around at 7 other vinyards with kayla, on wednesday I went to Gaff training with only Katie and I, on thursday I worked on my Indo bourd and did weight training and kicked the ball around in my Garage, and on Friday I took a 3 mile walk with my dog and a 6 mile bicycle ride down town with my family.

Friday, August 6, 2010

This week I went swimming in Cali a couple of times for about an hour each to help my knee. I also went runing and ran about 1 mile...Then I went to San Francisco with Olivia, Michelle and Renee and walked for everr.... I also went to phyiscal therapy and they said I shouldn't run until after my surgery..
I went to the bethany concert which is alot of walking and chasing after friends. I have kicked the ball around. I did som weight lifting on this machine I have

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've gone swimming, went to the gym, went on a run and passed around with my sister almost everyday this week. while u all wer in cali, i played a lot of tag with my little (monsterish) relatives. yah. funn.....
On Monday I went swimming for about an hour. Then tuesday I played golf with my dad and yesterday I did 2 P90X workout vidoes and I did 20 Minues of juggling and footwork!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This week I went to SAC and did an upper body work out. I started on an arm bike for like 30 minutes.. Then I did some weight training on my arms and some of my core. I also did side ways sit ups (hard to explain) with 3 sets of 10 on each side which is 90 situps. I also stared to run again,I ran 1 mile with little pain on tuesday (plus practice) and on wednesday i ran .7 of a mile because my knee give in. (I have hyperextensive knees apparently...)
today i did random soccer stuff in my backyard like juggling and moves and shooting against my house sshhhh dont tell my parents haha and also i have a swing in my yard so i tried shooting through it and i was close! but i didnt get it so yeah i did stuff like that for maybe a half hour
Today I did 20 minutes of juggling and footwork then I did 10 yard sprints 20 yard sprints and 50 yard sprints. I also did spend and agility workouts foe about 20 more minutes and finally I did 200 crunches and 40 pushups! And I dont no if this counts but I walked my dog and through his ball haha:))))! Well see you guys in Calii::))!!

Crazy day

Ok so I wentup to rock creek elementary school, which is right infront of my house. I took my soccer ball and kicked it against the wall using different parts of my foot. I kicked my ball on the roof so i had to go home. I ran home to get a little exercise. Later I raced my sister on scooters to my grandmas house and back (about 3 blocks). The final thing I did was chase after a lost dog, but I guess it didnt like me because it kept running away. I had a very weird one day....... Cops coming, chasing my sister, chasing a dog, and kicking my ball on the school roof. I got my purple ball back don't worry. :)


ahhhh camp waas amazing!!! and i also got to do some soccer related stuff. in one game i ran/sprinted probably 3/4 of a mile and army crawled the length of 1 1/2 soccer feilds. also i played a pickup soccer game for maybe half an hour and we did some shooting. also i played soccer while tied to another person...i scored. i went swimming atleast an hour a day maybe more.i got up and hiked a hill for 30 mins and it was really steep and tiring(maybe cuz it was elevation or something) then hiked down. also i rock climbed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

this week i had camp so i did lots of swimming like maybe 3 or 4 hours every day i also hiked up a really tall hill and had a soccer game that lasted for a half hour and i played some basketball and walked around the camp a lot and it was a really big camp and i did a game that involved running away from ninjas with lasers so i did lots of sprinting and jogging and i did lots of activities that you had to run around in and i played frisbeee with people who werent very good so i chased the frisbee a lot
Work en out a sweat

Today i worked out for an 1 hour an 45 minutes and 40.8 seconds. heheh! Firsted i did 4 sets of 15 of leg extensions with 25 pounds. I also did 4 sets of 15 of hamstring extensions with 15 pounds. Then i did 4 set of 10 of military press with 25 pounds and then i did 4 sets of 10 of beach presses. I also did 2 sets of 10 dumbell curls 10 pounds and singles curls 5 pounds. Then i did 50 toe raises and 350 jump ropes. After i was done with all that i stretched and did some yoga. Then i juggled for 10 minutes, work on some moves that Mj tot me, and then worked on my headers and chested.
Today I juggled for 20 minutes I also worked on shooting, chipping and bending the ball. I also worked on dribbling and practicing moves. I did 15 minutes of leg strength:) Then my dog wanted to play so I took him 1v1 haha!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This week i had 9 games. 6 with Aloha High school, and 3 with Mercury. With Aloha we played all Washington teams except 1 Oregon team. I played right mid, and right D. It was good to come back to playing with Mercury. But we got 2nd place. I think that i did good, except in the 1st game.
Little Work Out

Today i work out for 30 minutes and did 30 leg lefts with 20 pounds and 30 back leg lefts with 15 pounds, 10 arm lefting with 20 pounds and 10 of this one other arm thing with 15 pounds. Then i did 20 toe raise. i don't if this counts but i played on the wii for an hour.Hehehe!!:)

I think we did a great job on passing simple and taking more shoots as well as taking people on. however i think we should of talked more. we should be happy how we played and keep are heads up and come to Cal ready to kick some grass!!!! GO MERCURY!!!:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

this past weekend, i thought we could've scored more goals, and that i could've saved more shots. We did good, but when we played fc in the first half i thought we're done, we arent playing our game and we r just done. but in the second half we picked up our game and did soo much better. lastly i have to say i think we did our best in the semi final game, and the final game needed the most attention.
oh ya today i rode my bike for 30 mins

Hopes post about bend and lo cup

ok so i'm posting for Hope, this first section is of her thoughts about the bend tournament, she says that we did good passing, talking/communication, and first touch. What she thinks we need to work on is talking more and giving better information like turn and man on, and that we need to check to balls.
this is still hopes post, but about the LO cup: she says that we did good talking and having our heads up looking for options. what we need to work on is making more runs, checking to the ball, talking more, passing and taking shots. And the last thing she says is next time we play LO we have to kick their butts!!
today i went swimming for 3 hours. also i walked to the store with jamie a couple times a few days ago. and 2 or 3 days ago i went to this soccer field near my house and practiced shooting for an hour and a half with my mom and then these adult guys were playing soccer there so they like came over and helped me practice taking people on and shooting for about an hour:)
Sorry i forgot to post on friday but last week on Tuesday i went on a 2 mile run and a 3 mile walk. Then on Wednesday i played a game with my high school soccer team.

Now for my injury i talked to the doctor today and they said it could be a pulled hamstring but it may not be too severe so i will be icing lots and taking ibuprofen for the next few days. Hoping that it will feel better by Thursday. For practice on Tuesday i will not be able to play but i will be there and the doctors said its good for me to walk so my muscles dont get too stiff.

Monday, July 26

First of all sorry I didnt post last week. Well last week I walked ALOT! I went to the store twice with madisyn lane and we also went biking. Also last week I went to bethany village with friends and walked around for two days in a row.

Ok so these are my thought about the lo cup. So first of all congrats mercury for getting 2nd. We need to keep our heads high and we will get them next time. So somethings that we did really well was our passing. We were dribbling around them instead if wacking the ball and seeing if someone can get a foot on it (most likely not alot). The second thing I think we did good at is communicating. We were telling people man on, turn, take, play to this person, and overall just bonding as a team. I think having all these tournaments have made some memories and are making us close. LETS WIN THE PLEASANTON TOURNAMENT!
Today I juggled foe 20 minutes and went swimming for 2 hours:) And after our games yesterday I went to my sisters games and watched her she is U-18!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Okay...this week i had a Southridge game on Wednesday. I also swam for 2 hours.

I forgot to post yesterday.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Okay well... My surgery is on September 2nd and that means I will be going to Pleasonton.. They estimate 6 months for me to be playing again and 7 months for me to be 100 percent..
This week I went swimming for 3 hours and i went on a bike ride. Also I went to my old school and for 35 minutes straight i just practiced shooting and kicking long distances.


I think that for Bend if we were focused and were settling the ball down and passing, we did a good job. when we played bad the first half for some games, we always did wayy better in the 2nd half. I think that Bend really helped us get used to our new team and helped us improve. And we won!!
This morning i got up early *yawwwnnnnn* and juggled for 20 minutes
I broke my record for feet, wohoo!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Bend I thought you guys played very good but there were some times where we could have focused, settled down and played our game. Other then that we played awesome and we won!!

This week I went to SAC 2 times and worked on my upper body. I did 3 sets of 10 on each exercise. I did side ways sit ups and side to side sit ups. Some arm exercises with weights and I worked on my core.

By the way I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and that will decide weather i go to Pleasonton or not..
i thought we did good in the tourney when we were focused but sometimes we panicked and played bad....and i thought that the defense owned in most of the games

Bend Tournament

This past weekend i thought we did pretty well. I think we could have been more focused on our game and played hard the whole 2 halves.I thought we passed a lot more this tournament which helped our game a lot. A lot of the teams were very aggressive which caused us to be as well. In the end it was nice to have won the whole thing and I think we deserved it in the last game.


Yesterday I played my dad in 1v1 for an hour... and i watched the U-20 US game vs Korea!

My knee

Ok so for today I got this new board to balance on to help my knee become stronger, its called the "INDO BOARD". I also did the many other workouts to help my knee and I did this for about an hour.... I hate having a hurt knee, I am so tired and sore.


On monday i went and worked out at my workout place twist. Where i lifted some weights, and did other strange exercizes.
On tuesday i juggled for 20 minutes working on feet only, and my head.
On wednsday I went to twist again. And did that bar weight thing, with 20 extra pounds thats 60 pounds! I did a total of 24 squats.


I think our team did very well this weekend, but the game against Medford, I thought we were not playing like state champs. I thought our team was fighting to much and blaming each other. I would love to have team take the blame so we dont have to argue a lot. On the day of the finals, I saw the opposite team smiling and Hi-Fiving each other when they heart Michelle and Morgan and many more of our players. I thought our team didn't retaliate that much and thats what kept our team strong. Our team will get better at not fighting, all we need to do is be supportive for our teamates.
On July 21 i had Mj and Gaf train for a hour each and don't laugh i learned how to do a step over for the first time and i also learned to shoot sooner. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bend Cup

Well...i think we did pretty good in the tournament but we started out not so good but by the end we were pro(:
The one thing i didnt like about the tournament was getting pushed down, i mean what the heck? who does that? i guess it helped me be a lot more agressive tho

Bend Cup

I think we did pretty good in the bend cup. At time we could have done alot better but overall i think we showed what we could do. I liked when we were calm on the ball and just passed around the other teams. In this tournament it showed how not being focused can really hurt us. The team needs to work on being on our game for 2 halves not just 1 half. All in all Mercury had a great weekend and we accomplished what we wanted to do in the tournament.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

today i went tubing, wake boarding, and swimming with my cousins. We were at Haggs lake from 10:00am to 5:30pm, so we were constantly doing stuff. It might not sound like a lot, but trust me, i'm sore from wake boarding and tubing. And u can tell i did something cuz my legs r bruised and i have a huge sun burn!

US vs Sweden

I watched the US vs Sweden game and I liked Amy Rodregez chip over the goalie for the lead:)


I thought that we did really good in the bend tournement! I thought we did a good job with our passings and fallowing our shots! I hope we can win the L.O. tournement! GO MERCURYY!

Monday, July 19, 2010


i think we all did a great job this weekend, even tho we got on each others nerves a little bit. our effort was great and (when we focused) we passed around and made the other team run. One thing i remember most about the weekend is when mj (the coach, not our mj) told us that champions always find ways to win:) i like to win:)
The bend cup

I thought we did very well in the bend cup. We talked, flowed the shots, and sometimes play around the other teams. I was very glad we won the bend cup and hope we can do the same in the next two tournaments. LETS GO MERCURY!!!!!! :)
On July 10 i left for regional camp in Idaho and for those 5 days i learned so much. I would have never thought that in 5 days i could change the way i used to play. I learned that how you pick your self up matters, how to make different runs, and i also learned to be tuff or your going to get push around. Oh i made tons of new friends from all over. Even thown i didn't make nationals i learned so much in which i will put in my game and show the regional couch's why they should have chosen me. For now I'm going to keep on working on what i need to work on and keep getting better.:)

Bend Cup

I thought that we all played great this weekend!! It was even better to get the result that showed it, for once!!! I noticed a lot of the same things that Lindsay did, that we played a lot better as a team when we communicated and settled it down. In the Washington Rush game we started to pass really well, we were almost playing keep away from the other team, it was pretty fun! This weekend went well for us, we should all be proud of the way that we played and the result that we got from it!!! Hope we do as well in our next two tournaments!!!
I tore my ACL and parts of my meniscus..I will not play for about 9-7 months..Plus Phsycial Therapy.... I also will have to have surgery.. My surgery will be around the time we leave to Pleasanton... I want to go to Pleasanton with you guys but I don't know if I should stay and have the surgery or wait for a later or sooner date..

bend premier cup

first of all Woohoo!! we won!!I'm glad we won and that we kept on fighting, and trying to score in our final game, but the ref really didnt like us:)I think there were times, in the whole tournament, that we could've played much better, like when we would take too many touches and lose the ball, just kick it and not play simple, or when we just werent focused. But when we did play our game, we passed a bunch and we had better scoring opportunities. I also realized that we did better when we communicated. But I'm happy with our result, and i thought we all played very well!

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 5th -9th/ July 12th-15th

Last week I did ab work for 30 minutes, then leg curls 60 lbs. 22 reps, 2 times and ran 2 miles at SAC on Monday. On Tuesday I went to sunset practice where we worked on foot skills. Wednesday and Friday I did ab work again for 20 minutes. This week we had United Camp. On Monday I rock climbed at SAC for 2 hours with Aliyah. On Tuesday I went to Sunset practice after camp. On Wednesday and Thursday I did ab work for 20 minutes. On Friday I juggled and beat my record.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the other day i walked around the mall for 4 hours if that counts......
Well since i hurt my knee i cant do anything.. But in united camp I watch everyone play and past a litttle bit.... I also coached my world cup team and we are going to the finals :) And I had an MRI this morning and will not know my results til monday july 19th. I will not play in Bend... My doctor thinks i might have hurt my ACL and some legiments in the outside on my knee.. But hopfully there is nothing wrong other then some bruising...

Cascade Cup

This week, i did Cascade Cup with Sodium. We Won, and were put into a easy bracket, so that even Mercury could beat the teams. We played a U-17 B team, and lost 0-1. Then we won the next 2 games, 5-0 and 9-0. Then we got to the semi's, and tied 2-2, and we went to PK's and won in the PK's. Then on Sunday, we were in the Finals, and won 2-0 against the team that Sodium played in State Cup Finals.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This week

Do you want us to still do stuff and post it even though we have camp?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Well my knee is going a lot better. I went to the gym and swam laps for a half an hour and then sat in the hot tub. This morning i walk about 2 miles no problem. Tonight for the first time i was able to do straight leg lifts. woo hoo! i did 3 sets of 10! i have a P.T. appt. on Wednesday and i'm hoping he will give me more exercises to do and give me the okay to play on Friday. Oh i almost forgot, i even jogged a little bit at Tops without any pain!
while i was at camp i swam for a total of about 4-5 hours. Also every afternoon we would play team comp. games which involved a lot of running. and today (not counting united camp) i did sit-ups and pushups to get stronger.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

For the past few nights I've been doing 200 bicycles for my abs, wall sits for 1 minute, and 25 squats

July 5-July 8

Sorry i forgot to post on Friday but this week i went swimming on Monday and did 20 laps. Then on Tuesday i had a Southridge soccer game and i played the whole game, and i also went swimming again on Thursday.
i walked a mile today i think well it was from my house to 7 11 and back and im not sure how far that is......

Saturday, July 10, 2010


On wednsday, i went to open play, witch is where any west lynn high school players can come and play. I was there because Floyd, my personal trainer invited me.
Thursday i worked out with Floyd for an hour.

This week

This week I played two games with the Southridge team one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. In both I only didnt play for 10 minutes. I also swam for 4 hours on tuesday, which really tired me out. Sorry I forgot to post yesterday.
A couple of days this week I went to Crossfit, and every time you go it's a different workout. But the workouts are mostly lifting weights and pull ups, sit ups, and that kind of stuff. And I have also been doing ab workouts every night.

Friday, July 9, 2010

ok. so i went to the gym a couple of times this week and did the illiptickle (or however you spell it) and some sit-ups. i spent like 20 minutes a night volleying into the rebounder in my back yard and juggling. i also did the box drills. plus, i went to our team practices.
I went to the beach and played some beach soccer. I also watched alot of world cup games and noticed how nice their passing was. When i got back i walked around at bethany village and got my legs moving. After soccer one night, jordan came over and we passed and juggled for about half an hour. And almost every night i go outside and play with my soccer ball or pass with the neighbor kids. And obviously we had soccer practice :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This week I went to Bonny Slope again. I ran for 1.5 miles around the track then set up some cones like we do before games and did right, left, inside, outside, side to side, forward, backward, drags, bunny hops? and quick steps.. I did those 6 times each. After that I juggled mainly with my feet and some thigh... And after that I past against the wall and did patterns like left foot only, right foot only, one touch, two touch, settling and long balls. Thenn I did wall sits for 30 seconds each about 10 times with 10 second breaks. I did 50 sit-ups, 10 leg lifts and 25 push-ups. The next day after practice my mom and I went on a 2 mile walk with my dog. And today, I jogged around my neighborhood for 2 miles.
I went on a 20 minute jog this morning. Also I walked to bethany village and back which i think is about 4 miles(and i saw chris!). I carried a 135 pound person for about 30 feet. And i had 2 softball games...I hope this is enough exercise for the week because today I am EXHAUSTED, I am so not excited to get up at 6 tomorrow but whatever cya guys at the game!
i went on a 20 minute run today aahhhh it was hot! then i did a 4 ish mmile walk and saw chris at starbucks haha after i also walked around my neighborhood and i have no idea how far that was and i have had 2 softball games and those require lots of sprinting

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunset team

Marlee!! Hey I'm tring to play with Sunset team and want to get to know the coaches. Do you have the coaches numbers???? I already know their names.. And I'm going to be practicing with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays (before our practices) with my friend Ashley who is on the varsity team.Plus I'm tring to get Alex to go too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

on monday i went to the gym and did a bunch of upper body workouts. i also ran and went for a hike with my mother.  
Oh ya I also did 10 squats
I just finished my mini workout:
I did 15 push ups, 200 ab bicycles, and 10 hamstring pulls
Today i kicked a tennis ball with my friend for about one minute.
Don't worry though this wont my my only soccer related thing for the week ill go jogging or something like that

What I did this week

Well this weekend i had ODP mini camp to get ready for regional camp in a couple days. There, we worked on passing, shooting, and we did continuous drills that involved helping us on forward runs, and pretty much positioning. Rochelle also went over different senarios that could happen in a game and how we would work together to fix it/problem solve.

Today i work out for hour and 15 minutes. With my weights i did 60 leg extensions with 30 pounds, then i did 60 single leg extensions with 20 pounds, and then i did 60 hamstring extensions with 15 pounds. I also did 30 beach press with 20 pounds, then i did 30 bicep curls with 10 pounds, and thin i did 30 single dumb bell curls with 5 pounds. After i was done with weights i did 100 toe raises and 300 jump ropes. Then i did 50 crunches, 50 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and i did 20 leg lifts holding them for 10 seconds. Then to finish my work out i did some yoga and streching. Oh then i had a berry smoothie!:) Also im going to ask my dad to take me to practice early around to kick the ball.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday I went for a bike ride around my neighborhood to see the fireworks. Going up and down hills getting a leg workout. Today I went for about a 30 minute jog around my neighborhood. I ran up hills and sprited 15 yard distances to have an extra sprint in a game. I went to the school to play a game kinda like kickball. What you do is you kick the ball against the wall and when it comes back you trap it, do a move, and hit is back against the wall. Also, I lifted weights on the weight machine downstairs. I did some leg lifts on 25 pounds. Pull ups on 15 pounds and some leg streches on 40 pounds. Leg streches is where you have a platform and you try to push it out and bring it back in. Oh and I did some squats where you like sit in a chair position on the wall. I did that for 30 seconds, 10 times.


This week im in sunriver. But im going to be practicing with the u-15's and going to play the cascade cup with them as well. But i plated tennis, went on a bike ride, and went on a run. While i am in sunriver, i have been kicking the ball/playing with it in our condo.
After reading morgans post I tried some of it and kinda made up my own workout:

I did 80 total curls (40 each arm) I did them with 12 lbs. Then I did 35 weights lifters where you lay on a yoga ball and bring the weights up and touch them together. Then I did 20 lifting the weights straight up. I did all the weight lifting with 12 lbs. Next I did 10 jumping squats w/ankle weights, 40 mountain climbers w/ ankle weights, 20 toe raisers w/ankle weights, 40 crunches, 20 sit ups, and 20 push ups. Oh ya the ankle weights are 2.5 lbs. I also juggled today, my sister and i had a juggling contest of who could get the most without dropping the ball, we also did headers and we got 25 again.


Ok so lets start with Friday. Me and some other people pulled MJ up and down strenuous hills in a wagon!!!!!! Ask anyone who helped it was really hard!!!!! Then Yesterday I did some juggling, I worked on moving to get my body to the ball quicker when I took a bad touch with my feet.
This morning i lifted weights for 30 minutes and did 200 jump ropes as well as 20 toe raise. I also did 45 leg lifts, 40 crunches, 30 sit-ups, and 20 push ups. I also did some yoga and streching for 15 minutes.Add Image

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is my first post, and for the last week i have lifted weights. i also had 4 hours of ODP on Saturday, i learned to make a wider run to stay on side. Also in one game each person only gets to hold the ball for 2 minutes.

Sunday July 4

Today my sister and I did headers for about an hour. Our record was 25 headers.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

today i went to the gym and ran for an hour then did the elliptical machine for a bit. after that i did weight machines for upper body (i can do 2 push ups now) and did a little bit of ab work. 
and tomorrow, im going to kick the ball around for a little bit with my friends so ill be getting some touches. 

Saturday 7-2-10

Well this was yesterday but i havent gotten on the computer till today. I took part in some team bonding over a 5 quart tub of rainbow sherbet...why does no one like the lime?
Anyways...I still need to do some exercise/soccer related activity but i just felt like posting. If anyone wants to hang out and do something soccer-ish that would be cool cuz i dont wanna have to pass to myself(:
I did the old homework sheets like push-ups and sit-ups.. also I practiced passing and shooting (both one touch)

Just to let you guys knoww..Im going to camp from monday-saturday so I will be missing most of the chinook cup ): ... so thats why i'm posting this thing now instead of friday


Friday, July 2, 2010

This week I juggled everyday using my thighs and feet. I did ab work for 30 minutes on Monday. I also practiced on Tuesday with the varsity and incoming freshman sunset team where we ran about 2 miles. Today I went to SAC(Sunset Athletic Club) and ran 1.5 miles and did 30 minutes of ab work. I also did leg extensions with 55 lbs., 22 reps, 2 times. Then I did this inner and outer thigh machine with 100 lbs., 22 reps, 2 times for both inner and outer.
okay so today me and my sister juggled for a little and I got 155..
...then we partner juggles with our heads and got 21 heads back n forth
well, i did the stuff on the old homework sheets we used to get w/ my sister. i also went running alot.. soo, yep. thats pretty much it for this week.

June 26 - July 2

This week I had 2 highschool soccer games one on tuesday and one on thursday i played a little more than one half in eachh game. I also went swimming, i did 20 laps on wednesday and 15 laps on thursday.

June 26- July 2

uuhhhh i didnt really do anything soccer related because i didnt know about the blog untill yesterday so yeah.....ill do some stuff next week though

June 26-July 2

This past week I went to the soccer field about 3 times. I played the crossbar game with my sister and I hit the crossbar 1 in 6 tries, and so did my sister. Then we tried hitting the crossbar from inside the circle at half, but after like 100 billion tries we still didn't hit it. The other times I went to the field I just practiced long balls/goalkicks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

oooh i found out how to post!
this is sooo high tech!(:


Ok so mine is going to be about the same as Nikki's but anyways. I played two games this week for Southridge and played more than half the game in each. I also swam about 10-20 laps in the pool today(IDK if that counts).

Tuesday and Thursday

On Tuesday I played a soccer game with the southridge freshman team and trained before the game, I did the same on thursday. I played for both of the games for more than 30 minutes. We won both of our games by 3 points.
I will be out of town tomorrow so Im going to write it now. This week I went downtown with my mom and walked for about 2 miles. On Monday I went to SAC (Sunset Athletic Club) and I did weight training with my dad. I did my arms, legs and core. After weight training a ran around the track for a mile (around 6 laps). Today I just went to Bonny Slope Elementary School and did foot work, past against the wall and ran. I ran about 2 miles around the track (about 10 laps). Then I got my ball a past against the wall with the inside of my foot, outside of my foot and practiced hiting a long ball with my left and right foot. Then, I got some cones and set them up like we do before games. I practiced inside, outside, right, left, forward, backward and side to side about 6 times each. And for a cool down I ran one more lap and stretched.
Michelle's email is
Renee's email is


I went to a idk what to call it but lets say its a group of people working out together. I was there, Twist, for an 1hr and 15min. I lifted weights, did planks and some sprinting. The funny thing was that a Neon player was there. I think Britny mb? It is a lot of fun! I encourage all of you to do something like it, its been helping me alot!!!!!!!!!
Are we supposed to start posting what we do? I thought that we just did that every friday.
IDK why I am putting this on it, but my mom insists I do. :) On Sunday I went to the special Olympics to volunteer. This caused me to constantly be moving and getting the Bocce balls for the players. The game of Bocce is to get the colored balls closest to the white Paulina so I was pretty much do squats to see who got the closest to the Paulina.
Last Night I had Aloha High School Practice, and we worked on moving into space. We did a lot of sprinting. Then after that i had fitness, but since i got stung by a bee, it was getting infected and i sat out.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Test: Lindsay

After staring at my screen for an hour I finally got onto the blog!!!

Test~ Jamie

I was able to get on and post! Go Mercury!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Try reply posting to this comment and let me know it works for you. So far I have 14 Mercury e-mails, so we are missing 6 players. Lets have this all figured out by friday. Great work effort at practice today.