Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26

First of all sorry I didnt post last week. Well last week I walked ALOT! I went to the store twice with madisyn lane and we also went biking. Also last week I went to bethany village with friends and walked around for two days in a row.

Ok so these are my thought about the lo cup. So first of all congrats mercury for getting 2nd. We need to keep our heads high and we will get them next time. So somethings that we did really well was our passing. We were dribbling around them instead if wacking the ball and seeing if someone can get a foot on it (most likely not alot). The second thing I think we did good at is communicating. We were telling people man on, turn, take, play to this person, and overall just bonding as a team. I think having all these tournaments have made some memories and are making us close. LETS WIN THE PLEASANTON TOURNAMENT!


  1. r we supposed to post about every tourny?

  2. No you dont even have to post about a tournament