Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday I went for a bike ride around my neighborhood to see the fireworks. Going up and down hills getting a leg workout. Today I went for about a 30 minute jog around my neighborhood. I ran up hills and sprited 15 yard distances to have an extra sprint in a game. I went to the school to play a game kinda like kickball. What you do is you kick the ball against the wall and when it comes back you trap it, do a move, and hit is back against the wall. Also, I lifted weights on the weight machine downstairs. I did some leg lifts on 25 pounds. Pull ups on 15 pounds and some leg streches on 40 pounds. Leg streches is where you have a platform and you try to push it out and bring it back in. Oh and I did some squats where you like sit in a chair position on the wall. I did that for 30 seconds, 10 times.

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