Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work en out a sweat

Today i worked out for an 1 hour an 45 minutes and 40.8 seconds. heheh! Firsted i did 4 sets of 15 of leg extensions with 25 pounds. I also did 4 sets of 15 of hamstring extensions with 15 pounds. Then i did 4 set of 10 of military press with 25 pounds and then i did 4 sets of 10 of beach presses. I also did 2 sets of 10 dumbell curls 10 pounds and singles curls 5 pounds. Then i did 50 toe raises and 350 jump ropes. After i was done with all that i stretched and did some yoga. Then i juggled for 10 minutes, work on some moves that Mj tot me, and then worked on my headers and chested.

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