Tuesday, August 31, 2010

last week I went to sac and did 30 minutes on bike and weight training on a different part of my body everyday... like my arms legs and core.. and finished with 10-20 minutes on the backwards
eliptical and this week i did the same thing and watched some soccer game repeats and walked 2 miles with my mom
Yes I am able to get back on. Lately I have been doing 50 sit-up and 50 crunchy frogs a day. Also I have been walking and riding my scooter places. I would say I have been riding my scooter and walking around for about 30 minutes a day. The last thing I have been doing is juggling, I sometimes go outside into the street and juggle

Monday, August 30, 2010

I recently went on a cruise to alaska, and I went to the gym a few times and jogged. I also did some ab workouts. I also have been practicing juggling alot lately. Whevever my sister has soccer practice, I go and practice my long balls.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

ok so i just got back from the soccer field..and i was able to do alot of keeper drills, and even take goalkicks...but after a few goalkicks my quad started hurting again. But i think i will be able to practice next week, or atleast do whatever i can. Im good with alot of drills as long as there isnt a lot of long balls or stuff like that involved.

Friday, August 27, 2010

yesterday morning i ran 2.5 miles. and today i went smwimming for an hour :)
so are we supposed to keep posting?
also this week i hiked up and down multnomah falls and road my bike for about 45 mins
today i went on like 4 dif bike ridess the first 2 were maybe 15 mins or 20 mins each and the last 2 were probably 15 mins each

Thursday, August 26, 2010

so i was on vacation for a while with no internet access. so the last two week ive been riding my bike, going swimming and doing "ab work" (haha, sit ups) I've also been doing the crutches and situps and leg lifts that coach mj told the injured to do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ok i didnt post last week cuz i was on a cruz and internet costs $$$ but i went to the gym for 20 mins and 45 mins and i did treadmills and exercise machines

Monday, August 23, 2010

well i didnt blog last week cuz i couldnt go on the comp but i ran on a treadmill for 15 mins then did weight machined for 10 mins about then did ab workouts but idk how long and i walked a lot and today i walker/jogged up and down multnoma falls wich it 1 and a quarter mile each way

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This week i did 30 minutes on a stationary bike everday but monday and tuesday.. I also did core weight training 3 sets of 10 each about 2 times.. and then arm weight training and a little with my legs.. And I went on a 4.5mile walk with my mom and cousin and i just got back from sac and did 45 minutes of cardio and weight training..

Friday, August 20, 2010

mmk..so i cant really do much without my quad hurting. but yesterday i did go tubing and swimming, and i didnt wakeboard but i really wanted to, i have to be nice to my quad :)and i went swimming for a few hours. oh ya i have also been doing these sit up things that jordan taught me..ya
on monday i went on a mile run.............ok I know i did something elso but i really cant remenber, i have sat here for like ten minutes trying to remember, but i can if i think of it i will post it.... i also had to chase my dog around my neiborhood, in my pajamas, but that does really count for anything except to wake me up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

on wednesday i went to my gaff training and did a lot of shooting and technical work. and i went on a mile run today.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today me and my dad went out and I worked on lond balls shooting crosses bending the ball chips driving the ball and finishing crosses for bout an hour!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay, i know i haven't blogged for a long time but this is what i have done
-Conditioning Camp
-Skill Camp
-JV and Varsity game against Sherwood.
-Went to the Zoo with my 4 year old cousins
-Went Swimming for like 12 hours in 2 weeks.
and much more.
This morning I did a abb workout! I can feel the burn:) and yesterday I juggled and did footwork! And I am going swimming today for probably 3 to 4 hours!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ok so this weekend i had odp tryouts with jordan, marlee, and katie. And our tryouts were a total of 8 hours, so ya, you can tell we did alot. the field players were scrimmaging constantly, and i was always to keeper workouts, and going in and out of scrimmages. I have also been doing squats, crunches and pushups.
Heyy! I havent talked to you guys in a while! on vacation I went swimming for bout 7 to 9 hours then I rode my back like 15 miles and I played golf also I ran also I juggled and I played tennis! and football a little bit! but yesterday I ran like 2 to 3 miles and this moring I watched Liverpool Vs aresnel tied 1 to1!

I am soo excited to practice and play with you guys again! see you on tuesday!:)

This week

This week I rode my bike and did 4 miles, I also swam for about 5 hours, I went to Gaff on Wednesday and after the training a few girls on Mercury came and we shot the ball, and lastly I did partner Juggleing with renee when we had that meeting on thursday. I will be in Kanneta in the next week with no internet connection, so I will be riding my bike everyday and swimming alot and going to the ladge to work on speed.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

today i went swimming for like 5 hours...haha. and also the other day my family and I went to this field and practiced finishing for about 3 hours.. it really helped me.

this message has been brought to u by Hope Da Bomb Dig inc.

ok so ive been working out everyday and been iceing a lot and stretching. i watched two soccer games and a top 50 best world cup goals show. ive also been doing abbs at home on spare time. i aslo juggled twice this week , and went to a filed and took shots and corner kicks for 2 hours. but im out for a week or so now so i wont be posting anything for a while besides like stuff about watching u guys practice and scrimage. lol. well tata for now homies
This week on monday i went swimming and swam 10 laps, then on tuesday i walked around the zoo with bree for about 3 hours and we had to carry her little cousins which was pretty tiring. Then later that night we went swimming and i had a treading water contest with Kyle and we did that for like 10 minutes. On wednesday i went swimming and walked around the track and then after walking i kicked the ball around and juggled for 10 minutes. Thursday i played tennis with my dad for about 1 hour. And i also went on another walk for about 3 hours with nikki and olivia on the weekend.

Friday, August 13, 2010

ok well i rode my bike for maybe like 2 hours or something like that and i did a little bit of group juggling maybe like 5 or 10 mins then i went to that practice thing on thursday also i kicked the ball around with jamie and olivia for maybe a hour or an hour and a half also i went running for maybe like 2 miles im not exactly sure and i did the kendra 5 minute kickboxing workout video
i have been doing alot of soccer lately. my sister started doing rec soccer so at all of her practices i juggle, or practice my long balls. i also walked with nikki and kayla for about 3 hours. on wednesday, i had gaff, and afterwards i stayed and practiced shooting and crosses with some of the team.
okay well im in mexico and i have been exercising everyday working on my core, arms and a little cardio... so everyday i do 30 minutes on a stationary bike on the highest level.. Then i do a cool down on a elliptical for 10 minutes... Then my mom and I do weight training.. I work on my arms and core.. We do 3 sets of 10 on each...I have been walking to the store and mall and carring stuff back.. which is about a 1/2mile round trip.....I also have been swiming for about an hour everyday
Wednesday I swam 5 laps (down and back is 1) then i did a suicide in the pool, then i did 25 more laps, then did another suicide. On Thursday I swam 20 laps, and also i juggled, working on using my feet only. That night, IDK if it counts because almost all of us were there but, we played around with the ball for like and hour.
ok so this morning i went to the rec center and practiced juggling, corners, shooting, and goalkicks. But when i did corners and shooting, i wasnt in goal, i took the shots, idk why, but i just did :) and we were there for about 2 hrs working on random stuff!!
YAY! I Finally got it so i could post again! sorry for not!
2 weeks ago
Monday I did twist and we worked on lots of heavy lifting.
I worked at juggling with my feet only.
A week ago
Monday I did twist and we foucused on repition. Do a lot.
And then I did a one on one training with gaf and small group with niki.
That weekend i played with Nitrogen and they made it to the finals! But lost 4-0 but they only had 12 players!
This week
On tuesday I had a one on one with gaf where we worked on balancing the ball on our nose and forhead!
and then i did group training and after stayed to do shooting. And came to the parent/player meeting and shot. and this weekend i will be trying out for ODP 96.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Tuesday I went rollerskating with some friends for 3.5 hours. I have gone on 2 runs that were 30 minutes each and I have gone to the school and kicked the ball around with olivia and michelle and renee.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sooooo......today i went to the soccer field and i did a mini workout: i did long balls with my sis, and i practiced my left foot for a long time..and a few right foot, then i did my warm up for games, and i also tried to do extension dives...and uh lets just say i should learn the right way before just trying it from odp.. ;) i bruised my leg from that haha!oh ya and im trying out for odp this weekend, and so are a few other crazies!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

aahhh i have so much to blog about cuz i havent had time to go on the comp!!!! ok so in the past 3 days i have rode my bike for maybe 2 and a alf hours? maybe less and i did a lot of group juggling and went on a 20 min jog and i did corners and more juggling a little with olivia and jamie and i played football for like a half hour or more im really bad at knowing how long i do stuff


sry guys i dnt kno how to get to da website cus i forgot cus im stupid...go figure. any who!

this week so far ive been to da gym 2. ive donce abbs and abb machines, leg press, calf press, leg extentions, sqauts, arm press, arm extentions, leg ups, bike for 20 minutes, and a lot of stretching. and rite now im watching the brazil vs. us game live. yup! and pretty soon im gonna take some shots with two of my best friends. u may kno them from L.O....haha so im gonna go hang wit da emenies!! tootles :D

Monday, August 9, 2010

okay so I got back from california where i watched my sisters team in the mustang tournament&while i was there i was getting some toucehes on the ball...

tomorrow im going to a soccer field with my sister so we can practice shooting and crossing
Sorry this is so late!!!!! This week I swam laps and played basketball in the pool for two hours. they i went for a about a 2 mile jog today, my dog pulls really hard.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sorry this is so late but this is what i did, i walked around San Francisco and went to 7 winerys. Then when i got back from Cali i went swimming and did 10 laps. I talked to Kory Bell and he gave me some exercises to do and said that I can play for short periods of time only if its not hurting but i can juggle and swim.
ok so sorry about not posting for like 3 weeks, but i have juggled almost every day, i kayaked a few times, and i did 20 push ups, 100 crunches, and 20 squats. oh ya and i cut the bottom of my foot out on the beach sooo ya, but i can still play :)

Uhhh......my post fo 3 weeks :)

then for this week i group juggled for like 10 mins and went on a 2 mmile jog and a 2 mile walk
sorry this post is a little late but this week i played soccer for maybe 1 1/2 hours and rode my bike for maybe like 10 or 20 mins also i played football for like 3 hours and tennis for a few mins and group juggled for maybe 1 hour and i treadmilled for 10 minutes and did this really hard stair thing for 2 mins

Saturday, August 7, 2010

i havent really blogged this week but i still did stuff so i played football for maybe 3 hours maybe more and i had to sprint cuz i was playing tackle football with big people so i had to run away and i rode my bike for maybe 10 mins and i played a little tenis and group juggled for kinda a long time and i jogged 2 miles and sprinted some distance but i dont really know how long and i went on a 2 mile walk and yeahh
sorry i haven't been blogging...):
in california, i did the tony hortan ab workout. when i got home, i hung out with jordan and we went for a long walk. also, at one of the hotals i stayed at, i went to the exersise room and worked out for about 30-40 minutes. today, i am going to my sisters soccer practice and i am going to juggle, and work on my corners/long balls.

This Week

On Monday I walked around at 7 other vinyards with kayla, on wednesday I went to Gaff training with only Katie and I, on thursday I worked on my Indo bourd and did weight training and kicked the ball around in my Garage, and on Friday I took a 3 mile walk with my dog and a 6 mile bicycle ride down town with my family.

Friday, August 6, 2010

This week I went swimming in Cali a couple of times for about an hour each to help my knee. I also went runing and ran about 1 mile...Then I went to San Francisco with Olivia, Michelle and Renee and walked for everr.... I also went to phyiscal therapy and they said I shouldn't run until after my surgery..
I went to the bethany concert which is alot of walking and chasing after friends. I have kicked the ball around. I did som weight lifting on this machine I have

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've gone swimming, went to the gym, went on a run and passed around with my sister almost everyday this week. while u all wer in cali, i played a lot of tag with my little (monsterish) relatives. yah. funn.....
On Monday I went swimming for about an hour. Then tuesday I played golf with my dad and yesterday I did 2 P90X workout vidoes and I did 20 Minues of juggling and footwork!