Friday, August 13, 2010

YAY! I Finally got it so i could post again! sorry for not!
2 weeks ago
Monday I did twist and we worked on lots of heavy lifting.
I worked at juggling with my feet only.
A week ago
Monday I did twist and we foucused on repition. Do a lot.
And then I did a one on one training with gaf and small group with niki.
That weekend i played with Nitrogen and they made it to the finals! But lost 4-0 but they only had 12 players!
This week
On tuesday I had a one on one with gaf where we worked on balancing the ball on our nose and forhead!
and then i did group training and after stayed to do shooting. And came to the parent/player meeting and shot. and this weekend i will be trying out for ODP 96.

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