Thursday, July 1, 2010

I will be out of town tomorrow so Im going to write it now. This week I went downtown with my mom and walked for about 2 miles. On Monday I went to SAC (Sunset Athletic Club) and I did weight training with my dad. I did my arms, legs and core. After weight training a ran around the track for a mile (around 6 laps). Today I just went to Bonny Slope Elementary School and did foot work, past against the wall and ran. I ran about 2 miles around the track (about 10 laps). Then I got my ball a past against the wall with the inside of my foot, outside of my foot and practiced hiting a long ball with my left and right foot. Then, I got some cones and set them up like we do before games. I practiced inside, outside, right, left, forward, backward and side to side about 6 times each. And for a cool down I ran one more lap and stretched.

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